Frequently Asked Questions

Can Master Minds diagnose my child with Specific Learning Disorders?

Unfortunately Master Minds does not do full educational assessments, but we work very closely with psychologists, speech therapists and occupational therapists. In order to get a full assessment, we refer your child to one of our resources and work with the learner according to the recommendations of the assessment’s outcome.

Why a “YES” for medication?

Because Learning Disorders are brain based, the medication helps the learner to restore the messages from the information to the brain. Learning Disorders affects a child’s executive functioning, so for such a learner to sit down keep quiet and do their work – all the necessary requirements of day to day schooling- is far more difficult than for a learner not experiencing a Learning Disorder.

Does Master Minds only cater for learners with Learning Difficulties?

No, we are a company offering a service to all learners, whether they are experiencing Learning Difficulties or just working to achieve better results at school.